“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  --Rumi.
Welcome to Mindful Psychotherapy

Specializing in the treatment of trauma, grief, loss, depression and anxiety, utilizing healing approaches which are both effective and gentle.

Normally, when we think of trauma, what comes to mind are images of disasters, horrible violence and terror.  But trauma can be defined as any painful physical or emotional event or life situation with which we are unable to cope.  Trauma can leave us feeling powerless confused, ashamed and frozen. 

The word "Trauma" not only describes what may be called the big “T” traumas of life, such as:

•   Disasters
•   War
•   Major auto accidents
•   Physical or Sexual violence
•   Chronic childhood abuse

to name only a few;  but also what are frequently glossed over as “normal” life events and can be referred to as small “t” traumas, such as:

•   Chronic parental criticism
•   Loss of a loved one
•   Divorce
•   Routine surgeries
•   Dental procedures
•   Dog bites

These are just a few examples of painful life experiences that can overwhelm our nervous system and take a toll on our mind and body. If these wounds go unhealed they can lead to chronic emotional and physical symptoms such as:

•   Anxiety
•   Depression
•   Low self esteem
•   Feelings of shame
•   Hopelessness and helplessness
•   Grief and loss
•   Insomnia
•   Fibromyalgia
•   Irritable bowel syndrome
•   Auto immune disorders
•   Phobias
•   PTSD
•   Dissociative disorders
•   Impaired interpersonal relationships
•   Headaches
•   Attention deficit disorder
•   Memory loss

If you suffer from any of these symptoms it is likely that one or more of life’s big or little “t” traumas are the underlying cause.

By using a holistic approach involving proven treatment modalities designed to address both body and mind, I will help you to move gently and rapidly toward resolution and healing.

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